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Crystal Cabin Awards 2022: our Fire Resistant Container heading to the finals!


Safran Cabin’s Fire Resistant Container was selected for the finals of the Crystal Cabin Awards in the “Health and Safety” category. It recognizes all cabin concepts and products that visibly demonstrate that they minimize security problems and/or significantly improve physical well-being in the aircraft. Find out more about the finalist!

Safran Cabin Fire Resistant Container
Safran Cabin Fire Resistant Container

Safran Cabin was selected for the 2022 awards with the Fire Resistant Container (FRC), the first-of-its-kind to contain fire that involves lithium batteries, also known as Class D fires. 

Equipped with a combination of high-temperature resistant panels and unique door fabric, the FRC is designed to withstand fire for up to 6 hours, which is the longest time an airplane can be away from an airport at any given time during the flight. In the event of a fire mid-flight, it gives airlines sufficient time to safely land.   

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