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COVID-19: Message from Safran Helicopter Engines CEO, Franck SAUDO

3D loom : carbon fiber

26 March 2020

In these circumstances, my first thoughts go out to the medical and health-care staff on the frontline, fighting for patients recovery. Thanks to them for their courage and their dedication. We are all infinitely grateful.

Our highest priority at Safran Helicopter Engines is protecting the health of our 6,000 employees worldwide and limiting the COVID-19 transmission.

At the heart of this crisis, we have taken unprecedented safety measures to safeguard the health of our teams, to ensure the recovery of “essential activities” on all our sites in France.

Maintaining these “essential activities” is crucial to supporting our customers. Our company has a very particular responsibility in this crisis. Helicopters play a live-saving role in this crisis through sovereign missions, patients transfer and public protection, all around the world. In the meantime we have the permanent responsibility to ensure a continuous service to Armed forces.

I thank all of our teams who are fully mobilized and contribute, with humility and determination, on site when necessary and in the best safety conditions, to the continuity of our operations. 

I ask to all our partners and suppliers to continue support Safran Helicopter Engines activities. It is a collective responsibility.

I am fully confident in our capacity to work together throughout this crisis and I am sincerely thanking all of my colleagues for being mobilized in this difficult period.

Franck SAUDO

Safran Helicopter Engines CEO