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"The company's future will be built on effective industrialization"

Human resources

Passionate about industry and aeronautics, Jocelyn, 30, began his career with Safran Electronics & Defense, before joining Safran Data Systems at the end of 2020. There he discovered a new working environment, new products… and a rapidly growing industry!

Jocelyn, Industrialization and Industrial Methods Engineer


What is your professional background?

After graduating in engineering, I wanted to join the world of industry, which has always been my passion. I was hired by ALTEN, the engineering and technology consulting company, which assigned me to the industrial excellence center of Safran Electronics & Defense in Fougères, specializing in digital computers for defense and civil aviation. After a year, a position became available on the site and I was hired as Industrial Products Manager to industrialize new electronic computers. Finally, after five years, I decided to take on a new challenge by joining the Safran Data Systems teams in Les Ulis.


Why did you choose to work at Safran?

I have always been drawn to aeronautics from a young age. So when an opportunity came up at Safran Electronics & Defense, where I was working as a service provider, I applied immediately. And I haven't looked back since! Once I had got used to the corporate culture, which particularly includes very high standards of production traceability and management of operations via the SQCD* methodology, I was able to really flourish and develop my skills, including in terms of management, as I was responsible for a team of six people. My role was to act as an intermediary between the development teams and production workshops by communicating the industrial vision at every stage of projects. This is an essential function as it ensures the long-term manufacture of products in accordance with safety, quality, cost and deadline objectives.


How has your career developed since you joined Safran Data Systems?

I was driven to make this change by the desire to take on new challenges. I discussed this with my managers, who encouraged me to make the move. The Human Resources department sent me several job offers and the one at Safran Data Systems caught my attention. I was particularly interested in joining a smaller site (320 employees, three times fewer than at Fougères) and in working on products applied to new fields, in this case defense aeronautics. I was welcomed into the team and quickly found my bearings.


What is your current role and what do you like about the job?

I am an Industrialization and Industrial Methods Engineer. My role is the same as in my previous job – to act as an intermediary between the design engineering office and the workshop – but in a different context, involving products with more demanding operational constraints, which are therefore more complex to design, with smaller production volumes… I also work alone, which requires a high level of versatility. It is this role as a cornerstone that makes the job so attractive!


In this period of crisis, how do you see the future of Safran Data Systems?

Safran Data Systems is positioned in niche markets in the fields of flight test instrumentation, telemetry and space communications. The diversity of its markets is a strength in times of crisis. So I am confident about the future.


How do you see the rest of your career?

I would like to continue to progress within Safran and take on management responsibilities again. Working abroad? Why not... The Group offers numerous mobility opportunities which is a great opportunity for its employees.


You are a black belt in karate. How has practicing that discipline helped you in your professional life?

It has taught me how to manage my stress, which has proved useful during my studies as well as at work, in high-stakes meetings. It is also a sport that requires discipline. Unfortunately, since my change of job, I haven't had time to train or to teach as I am concentrating on my career. But I will take it up again as soon as possible!


* Safety, Quality, Costs, Deadlines