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Charles Ripart, international experience at Safran Engineering Services


At just 25 years of age, Charles Ripart, a functional analysis engineer in the automobile sector, is managing a project for our client, Nissan. He splits his working time between France and Japan. He speaks to us about his position and international experience.

INSA (French National Applied Sciences Institute in Toulouse) graduate Charles Ripart earned a Master’s in mechatronics and systems engineering. He did his graduate work experience at Airbus Helicopters in La Courneuve, nearby Paris, at a blade manufacturing plant. He was tasked with analyzing the dynamic balance of the blades. “I created an analysis tool in Excel VBA, which was certainly an asset for integrating Safran Engineering Services, in the position of Functional Analysis Engineer,” he explains.

I joined Safran Engineering Services in September 2015 as a Functional Analysis Engineer assigned to the Saclay site and working for our client Renault in Lardy site.

His responsibilities were the following: “I was responsible for collating the client needs, writing the specifications corresponding to the simulation tools to be developed, then ensuring the kick-off of the developments. I also monitored the developments, the operational approval tests and communication with the client. I took their requests into account and made demonstrations of the tools developed after their delivery. I also had the role of user support, taking on board feedback to modify and improve the simulation tools.”

In May 2017, Nissan, a company in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, wanted to equip themselves with simulation tools similar to Renault’s ones, while still being adapted to their own specific needs. “As I had been in contact with Nissan since I had arrived on the project, especially to share tools with them, I was chosen to implement the project with the Japanese manufacturer. And so today I am the Team Leader and at the same time Functional Analysis Engineer for the Nissan account,” he explains. Safran Engineering Services has four employees on this project: two functional analysts and two in-house developers.

As a functional analyst and Project Leader, Charles splits his time between Paris and Tokyo and switches continents twice a year. In Japan, he works at the Nissan Technical Center, a research and development center located on the outskirts of the capital. He has acquired the codes to Japanese culture and this specific professional world. He is highly motivated and gives his all.

“It's a very enriching and informative experience. Being on site and dealing face to face with the client is essential. It decreases the language barrier and aids communication and comprehension, which are major challenges in my daily work.”

When we ask him about the future, Charles replies that he wants to continue developing his skills on this assignment, and see his team grow. He is also aware that the Safran group offers long-term opportunities which may, potentially, give him the chance to move into the aeronautical field.