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"Reveal your site": Time for the summer challenge!

Human resources

If you are a video fan, if you like challenges and if you love your Safran site, the "Reveal your site" challenge is for you.

Challenge Reveal your site

Whether you have been working at Safran for 6 months, 3 years or even 25 years – you and your colleagues are the soul of your site. Your activities, your discussions, the fun moments you spend together and the relationships that you have created are what have shaped the life of your site. So who better to promote it?


To enjoy a moment of friendly unity and ultimately to promote our sites across the Group, we are asking you to present and showcase yours in an original way, via this challenge: "Reveal your site".


Your mission? Make a video no more than 2 minutes 30 seconds long, presenting and promoting your site.

The ultimate goal? To make people want to come and work there!


You pretty much have a free hand in the way you make this video, but there are still two instructions that you need to follow.

The first one: you must ONLY showcase life at the site and relationships between people in your video: friendliness, work atmosphere, collaboration and pride of belonging should therefore all be in the spotlight.

The second is that it is forbidden to film any products or production areas. We already have everything we need in stock in the Media Gallery and we must continue to protect our industrial assets.You can therefore film in all non-confidential locations across your site, such as meeting rooms, individual offices, the gym, or even the break and relaxation areas... You will have to have the filming locations approved by your site or company safety manager beforehand. 


Why these two instructions?

Because Safran is first and foremost a human adventure, and our sites are places where relationships are forged, ideas come to life, and creativity is developed. The purpose of this challenge is to honor our teams, as well as the human relationships which together create the richness of the site and make it different from the others.


How the challenge works

When? July 5 to September 30, 2022.

How?Join the specially created "Reveal your site" community on Yammer. Then post your video to this Yammer community once it has been finalized in order to take part in the challenge. The videos will be visible to everyone, so glory is only a click away! It's also a great opportunity to (re)discover our Safran sites. We will exchange tips in this community, alongside best practices and information about the challenge via the news feed.

For those who don't have access to Yammer, you can send me your video and I'll post it for you: [email protected]


What a joker that Anakin is! Of course everyone can take part: temporary workers, permanent employees, trainees, people on fixed-term contracts, apprentices.

You can of course take part:


Between us, we believe that there is strength in numbers.

One small piece of information, though: you cannot have more than seven people in your team. You'll understand why in a couple of seconds, when you find out what you stand to win. 


There are not one, not two but three prizes up for grabs!


First prize: the video that wins the challenge

The video with the most likes on Yammer will win the challenge – it's as simple as that. A victory determined by the applause meter (or rather by the "likometer").

The lucky winners will be able to visit the Safran site of their dreams, provided it's on their continent. "All-inclusive" prize: travel, accommodation and catering are obviously all included.


Second prize: the "favorite" video

A "favorite" video will also be chosen by a panel with a fun moment to be shared as a team up for grabs, worth 100$ per person. A trip to a restaurant, bowling, go-carting, laser quest... Have fun!


Third prize: the "weekly quizzes"

Every weekend, a quiz will posted on Yammer for the duration of the challenge. Everyone who answers the question correctly will be entered into the draw. A maximum of ten winners will be chosen for each quiz. These people will win Safran goodies.

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