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Cassiopée at the heart of the changes in the aerospace world!


Between the ongoing growth in air traffic and increasingly connected aircraft, the information stream from the global aircraft fleet is never-ending. Cassiopée, Safran Electronics & Defense’s flight data analysis service, adapts constantly to the fast-changing aviation market.

Studies on passenger air traffic are unanimous: the global fleet will double in the next 20 years to a total of 48,000 aircraft.

Changes in air traffic and flight data management

This growth entails major challenges for airlines, in terms of increasing flight safety, decreasing carbon emissions, optimizing maintenance services and more. Flight data analysis plays a key role in meeting these challenges. Tens of thousands of parameters are recorded during each flight, including altitude, speed and attitude, of course, but also the temperature, pressure and vibrations affecting the aircraft’s systems. Everything is monitored, from the engines and avionics bays to the ventilation system.

With Cassiopée, Safran Electronics & Defense helps airlines analyze and understand their flight data. Interpreting this data allows them to determine how an aircraft performs in each specific context. The ultimate goal is to help customers make better decisions concerning both maintenance and flight procedures.

We are currently experiencing a revolution in this area. On one hand, more and more actors are taking an interest in the data generated by aircraft, including airlines, aircraft manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, MRO shops, etc. On the other hand, the volume of data to be analyzed is making a quantum jump – we’re really entering the era of big data!

Digital transformation and the Cassiopée range of services

The volume of flight data now available is creating new service opportunities and new entrants in the data analysis market. To stay competitive, we continuously upgrade Cassiopée, starting with data access. All types of aircraft worldwide have to be monitored, quickly and automatically. Secondly, concerning our data analysis offering, it is crucial to maintain the set of algorithms which will allow to propose analyses related to flight safety, fuel consumption or maintenance. The third main factor is accessibility: all Cassiopée services now operate in the cloud, and can be integrated by our customers in their digital environment. 

All of these improvements are dictated by our drive to deliver innovative solutions to our customers, along with new applications that address their needs. The digital revolution is also impacting how we capture customer feedback. We have supported the development of a community of users by creating online forums, moderated by dedicated staff. This means a radical change in the customer support environment, since customers become key contributors to Cassiopée upgrades.