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Capturing space debris: Syrlinks selected by Astroscale!


Syrlinks, a Safran Electronics & Defense subsidiary based in Rennes since November 2022, has been selected by Astroscale, the first private company with a vision to secure the safe and sustainable development of space. Its X-band transmitters will enable the future ELSA-M satellite (End of Life Services by Astroscale – Multiple) to capture and deorbit debris as early as 2025, contributing to a responsible and sustainable space.

Space Debris

The significant increase in orbital debris has led New Space players to position themselves, and propose solutions to contribute to a sustainable space and decongest orbits. Such is the case of Astroscale which will launch in 2025 its brand new satellite, ELSA-M, capable of capturing and de-orbiting satellites from several clients...in a single mission!

Following the success of an initial collaboration on the ELSA-d demonstration mission,  launched in 2021, the adventure continues for Syrlinks and Astroscale with a new partnership. This time Astroscale has chosen the EWC28 X-band telemetry transmitter.

In the name of Syrlinks, I would like to thank Astroscale for having elected our EWC-28 X-Band transmitter for this mission.” says Eric PINSON, Director of Space activity at Syrlinks. “It is a great recognition of a work of several years to design a COTS based space product, highly reliable and bringing key transmitting performances.” adds Eric.

Daniel Bloxham, Senior Procurement Manager, Astroscale Ltd. says: “We are excited to working with Syrlinks on the ELSA-M In-Orbit demonstration mission. Syrlinks bid was commercially attractive and a good fit to our requirements.”

EWC 28 Transmitter

The EWC28, a fligh-proven equipment with high-performance

The EWC28 X-band transmitter is specially designed for mini and micro satellite platforms - a great advantage for satellite constellations! This transmitter establishes a communication link between the satellite and the ground station, to retrieve all the telemetry data required for the mission.

One of the main advantages of the EWC28 is its ability to operate in the frequency band dedicated to deep space missions, thanks in particular to advanced signal filtering. This equipment is based on flight-proven technologies. The first models were developed for the European Space Agency's (ESA) Proba-V mission in 2010. Since then, more than 50 flight models have been used on various missions around the world. The EWC28, proven high-performance equipment.

 2025 : First flight in orbit of the ELSA-M satellite, which will be equipped with Syrlinks transmitters

Astroscale Elsa-D Satellite

ELSA-M, a satellite for capturing and de-orbiting space debris

The ELSA-M satellite, successor to the ELSA-d satellite (in picture), will provide a solution for safely and responsibly capturing and de-orbiting multiple satellites in a single mission - the first satellite to demonstrate this capability! Capable of supporting satellite constellations, we‘re excited for 2025 for its first in-orbit demonstration.

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