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Boost your passenger comfort with Safran Electronics & Defense SeatNet™ actuation systems


Discover Safran Electronics & Defense's SeatNet™ Comfort Systems, our innovative actuation solutions for Eco Premium, Business and First Class seats!

New Actuators & ECU Comfort Generation

SeatNet™ Comfort Systems

SeatNet™ Comfort Systems : 00 minute and 52 seconds
SeatNet™ Comfort ECU

SeatNet™ Comfort ECU: more powerful & connected

  • One single ECU for up to 4 pax
  • Connection with 3rd-party devices
  • Increased capability via power sharing between ECUs

SeatNet™ Comfort linear and rotary actuators

SeatNet™ Comfort linear and rotary actuators: more powerful & faster

Combining high speed and high load in compact units, our SeatNet™ Comfort actuators are easy to install without any seat structure modification.

  • More power: + 50%
  • Less volume: - 40%
  • Less weight: - 10%



Smooth seat motion

No matter the seat or the passenger, our SeatNet™ solutions provide strength, speed and smooth kinematics for an unrivalled flying experience.

  • Best market performance for our SeatNet™ Comfort actuators, matching the most demanding environments
  • Customized software kinematic profile
  • Compact and lightweight lumbar relief system for passenger back comfort


Mix & match

Comfort, Boost or Compact, mix and match our SeatNet product lines to perfectly suit your needs and your seat configuration.

SeatNet™ Compact ECU: small & reliable ECU to meet any seat constraints

SeatNet™ Boost actuators: cost-efficient linear & rotary actuators to meet your essential needs

+90,000 PAX are already in service with our SeatNet™ actuation systems.

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