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From big data to smart data: underlying trends at the 10th Flight Data Monitoring customer conference


From May 15 to 18, 2017, Safran Electronics & Defense organized its 10th Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Dedicated to users of Cassiopée, the company’s flight data management and monitoring solution, the conference brought together more than 130 participants, including experts from Safran, outside speakers and representatives of nearly 70 airlines.


Listening to our users 

Every two years, Safran Electronics & Defense organizes this event so our customers can express themselves. For four days, users of our FDM services and software talk with Safran’s experts about flight data and how it can be used, via workshops, surveys and presentations by leading specialists. The idea is to brainstorm about paths for development and improvement, based on facts and calling on innovative technologies such as a “collective intelligence platform”. We work hand in hand and very openly with our customers to help perfect our services. More than half of the speakers at the conference were customers. The conference is also an ideal opportunity for Safran Electronics & Defense to show users the latest developments in the Cassiopée range of services. 

Thinking about Cassiopée next-gen: a collective challenge

Cassiopée, the flight data service designed and developed by Safran Electronics & Defense for civil aviation, is based on two types of services, sold together or separately. The first is a software service dedicated to the management of flight data, which enables users to conduct their own analyses. The second is a data analysis service, performed by Safran’s own experts. 

By collecting and analyzing this data, we help airlines and other operators improve flight safety, reduce fuel costs and optimize maintenance scheduling. These three objectives are now a top priority for Cassiopée users. Based on this trend, and with a constant focus on improving its service, Safran Electronics & Defense organized workshops with its customers, focused on three main areas: 

Integration of external data: How can we combine external data (weather, airports, flight plans, crews, etc.) with operational flight data? By providing a context for flight data, we allow users to make their analyses more pertinent.

Optimized maintenance: How can flight data be used to address maintenance issues? How can we create warnings for each flight situation that may impact maintenance? To address this specific and growing customer requirement, Cassiopée is developing dedicated MOQA algorithms. 

The growth of data science: What visualization tools should be developed to help users quickly and effectively analyze all flights, despite the massive volume of data?

These three interdependent factors have a common objective, namely to perfect decision-aids!





Safran Electronics & Defense is leveraging customer experience to meet these challenges. More than just a customer-supplier relationship, Safran’s data experts and Cassiopée users form a tight-knit community that is seeking to define tomorrow’s standards.

Learn more about Cassiopée FDM services at (Cassiopee.aero) or at the Paris Air Show form June 19 to 25 (link) !