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“Be inspiring to those you lead…and lead by example”

Human resources

During a 25-year career with the Safran Aerosystems Evacuation business line, Linda Radomski has evolved her skills in engineering and project management. In honor of today’s International Women in Engineering Day, Linda talks about leadership, and being humbled by the knowledge that her work can save lives – especially with the military users of Safran’s products.

Linda Radomski

Why did you choose engineering as your career path?

I always loved helping Dad work on his pickup truck…handing him the tools and getting in the small spaces he couldn’t reach.  I enjoyed math and science the most in school and did very well.  I was inspired by the stories of my grandmother and mother-in-law as women in their 20s during World War II, doing their part to support the war effort.  With that, mechanical engineering was a great fit for me.


How have you evolved your capabilities as a Safran employee?

I previously worked in the design of metal stamping for computer industry components. When joining Safran, I started in the Engineering Technical Support group that provided design support for products in production.  I then moved into the Design Engineering group, where I worked on projects for new product designs with life rafts and life preservers, subsequently advancing to Senior Engineer.  Currently, I oversee the engineering work on our life raft, life preservers and helicopter equipment for the commercial and military users as Project Manager/Senior Engineer.


What excites you about your job?

Knowing that my work in helping create and support our products can save lives. It takes my breath away when our military users thank me for the effort that I put into my work…when it is these people who put their lives on the line to protect me.

Linda Radomski

Explain your motivation for investing time in developing new talent through an involvement in mentorship

Mentoring is a key factor for a company to be competitive…now and in the future.  How can any company expect to be innovative if its past and current knowledge is not transferred to new talent, keeping the business moving forward?


What are your top leadership lessons?

Be inspiring to those you lead, especially when you feel that your mood is the farthest thing from it.  This is especially helpful in difficult times: when others see you succeed, it helps them to have confidence that they can succeed as well.

Share your past experiences to connect with those you lead.  By demonstrating your expertise and knowledge in what you are doing, it shows that you’re someone they can rely on.

As a leader, it’s also important to achieve the right work/life balance: we’re so busy at work, it’s vital for everyone to reconnect with their families on the weekend.