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Application software —supporting Safran’s transformation

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After starting out as a software development intern at Safran, Yves (31) is now in charge of digital services in the corporate Digital and IT department. He shares his insights on the fast-paced growth of application software jobs.

3D loom : carbon fiber


Armed with a master’s in information technology, systems, networks and the Internet, Yves joined Safran in 2012 as a mobile applications development intern. He was then recruited by Morpho* for the same job. His skills were highly sought after at the time, heralding Safran’s strong current demand for application software experts. “Demand for these skills has really boomed with the Group’s digital transformation,” explains Yves. “Safran’s businesses require an increasing number of software programs and applications to address our operational needs, ranging from short scripts to complete programs to simplify tasks. We shouldn’t be overly dependent on outside sources to develop and upgrade software. By bringing development back in-house, we can develop tailored solutions more quickly, in complete security.”


From development to management

After starting his career at Morpho, Yves joined Safran SA. He was subsequently promoted to head of an application development project, then managed a small team of developers. In 2021 he was named to his current position in digital services, leading a team of ten, including two developers. “The development facet of my job involves gathering and understanding operational requirements, developing solutions either from scratch or by using open source software tools and building blocks, and integrating these solutions,” notes Yves. “We have to deal with scheduling and budget requirements, of course, while maintaining user-friendliness, ensuring IT security and complying with data protection, export control and other regulations.” 


Yves and his team create and develop various applications (web, mobile, 3D printing, printed circuits, data visualization and cross-checking, etc.) that meet the requirements of support functions (HR, IT, communications), as well as sales & marketing, operating units, etc. “In addition to supporting our in-house customers,” adds Yves, “we also stay in contact with fellow Safran companies that undertake software developments that could benefit the Group. There are a host of synergies which are worth developing.”


Wanted: creatives who aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone!

Yves has seen his job field change over time, as he explains: “It’s no longer enough to just develop something all by yourself. You have to go talk with the businesses involved, work together to define their needs so you know exactly what functions have to be developed. You also have to stay abreast of the latest technologies, because standards are constantly evolving and we must keep pace. My computer degree provided the foundations, of course, but you also need to keep learning, stay up with the latest technologies, test what works and what doesn’t, and start all over again if need be. I’ve also continued my own training to learn new skills, for instance in Scrum Master and Lean IT.


Yves is constantly recruiting to expand his team of developers. According to him, the ideal candidate has a master’s degree in IT, and is above all, motivated, curious, open-minded, capable of adapting to all subjects and all technologies, and eager to learn and grow. “A person’s mindset is a key to this job,” he concludes. “That why I network with other developers across Safran, since we share the same culture and staying in touch helps us get to know each other, exchange information and best practices, and maybe even undertake joint development projects.”

* A former Safran company, specialized in security, which was divested in 2017.

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