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#AmazingJobsAtSafranNacelles - Sales administration: a rewarding and attractive profession

Human resources

In Safran Nacelles, the sales administration function offers varied roles at the centre of the company’s business challenges. Here is the proof, as shared by Ramon Bordier, Customer Account Manager in Sales Management, and Victoria Caval, Customer Account Manager in Customer Support and Services.

Victoria Caval - Ramon Bordier - #AmazingJobsAtSafranNacelles

Can you describe your job? 

Ramon: I am in charge of the Airbus account for the A320neo nacelles programme. This is a major portfolio for Safran Nacelles, both in terms of scope - we have complete responsibility for the nacelle, from design to integration on the engines - and volumes to deliver. I work on the entire lifecycle of new nacelle orders: order entry, delivery notes, invoices, prepayments, customs documents, management of returns and disputes, and monitoring of payments. It is a profession that offers a lot of interactions, as I ensure the operational interface between customers - the aircraft manufacturer in my case, but it can also be engine manufacturers for some of my colleagues - and the different functions of the company: Programmes, Production Management, Supply Chain, Commercial Department, Logistics, Finance, etc. 

Victoria: I am responsible for the Rolls-Royce account for spare parts sales for two bizjet programmes: the BR710 thrust reverser and the Pearl 700 engine nacelle. The Pearl has just entered service, and one of my main responsibilities was to ensure the delivery to the customer of the spares stock in its entirety to contribute to the success of this programme's entry into service. More broadly, my role is to guarantee customer satisfaction and to ensure that the set turnover goal is achieved each month. To do this, my colleagues and I are in daily contact with airlines, repair centres, aircraft manufacturers and engine manufacturers. 

Victoria Caval - Ramon Bordier - #AmazingJobsAtSafranNacelles

What was your career path before this position? 

Ramon: After studying manufacturing engineering and industrialisation, I worked for several years in a design office and then as a business manager in electrical transmission. I joined Safran Nacelles in 2013 as an MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) Business Manager and I have been in my current position for five years. 

Victoria: I have a degree in international business. I held several positions in Customer Relations functions in an international production company, then I joined Safran Nacelles in my current position at the end of 2022. 

Victoria Caval - Ramon Bordier - #AmazingJobsAtSafranNacelles

What do you like about your job? 

Ramon: The interactions with Safran Nacelles’ various departments, the great freedom I am given to put forward proposals and to make decisions. I also like the fact that I can work on diverse areas that sometimes go beyond my daily routine. For example, a last-minute configuration change, a damaged nacelle during integration under the wing and that comes back to us for emergency repair… there is no such thing as a typical day, I never get bored! Furthermore, it makes me proud to manage a major contract for Safran Nacelles, to earn the trust of the customer, and to continually maintain it. 

Victoria: I really like the great versatility associated with my position. There are many tasks to work on, ideas to suggest, improvements to make… it’s very rewarding. The relationships with various internal functions and with the customer are also very stimulating. I must admit that I am proud that I have been entrusted with the responsibility of a client such as Rolls-Royce. I have worked hard to build a relationship of trust with them, and I continue my efforts every day. In addition, I represent the Customer Account Manager function in the Digital Operations cell, which looks for solutions to optimise our daily work (reporting, use of artificial intelligence, etc.). And I love this open-mindedness towards new technologies! 

Victoria Caval - Ramon Bordier - #AmazingJobsAtSafranNacelles

What skills do you think are essential for your function? 

Ramon: There are many of them! Have good interpersonal relationships, know how to work in a team, be very customer satisfaction orientated, be able to manage peaks of activity, be rigorous, autonomous, have good customer listening skills while being able to preserve the interests of the company... you must also be comfortable navigating information systems (ERP, customer portal, etc.) and, more broadly, have an appetite for digital and new technologies. And of course, a good level of English is absolutely essential. 

Victoria: Cultural adaptation and a good knowledge and understanding of our customers also contribute to customer satisfaction. You must be customer focused – internal and external – know how to manage priorities and emergencies, be proactive and suggest solutions, adapt to unforeseen events… because each request is different! Moreover, in a context of the increase of service contracts and a supply chain under pressure, it takes a lot of organisation and anticipation to meet on-time delivery objectives!