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#AmazingJob At Safran Nacelles: "In production, every success is a driving force to move forward."

Human resources

From Manufacturing Engineering to the Design Office, from Programme Management to leading a production team… Nicolas Gonfroy reinvents himself in Safran without losing sight of what is important to him: technology and people.

#AmazingJobs at Safran Nacelles

From Safran Engineering Services to Safran Nacelles 

I am convinced that you can do everything with motivation and a welcoming environment” says Nicolas Gonfroy when talking about his career. When he joined Safran Engineering Services as a Manufacturing Engineer seconded to Safran Nacelles just after obtaining his engineering degree, he projected himself into this profession without anticipating that life would open many other doors for him… “I was rather fearful, but I gained confidence as I dared to take risks” Nicolas said. 

After five years in Operations, he moved to the Design Office, still for Safran Nacelles, on the Airbus A330neo nacelles programme, at the start of its development. “It was a job I didn’t know at all and a very ambitious schedule” Nicolas recalls. After a year and a half, he was assigned to the position of Programme Manager for the nacelle of a business jet. Again, he quickly acquired the necessary skills on the job. This was followed by a two-year mission during which he created a team of Project Manager Officers (PMOs) for all Safran Group companies. Then he resumed Programme Management on the Pearl 700 nacelle, but this time, as an employee of Safran Nacelles. 

#AmazingJobs at Safran Nacelles

Managing programmes, and teams 

Finally, after four years culminating in the certification of the Pearl 700 nacelle, Nicolas became a Front Line Production Manager in the Safran Nacelles Metal Nozzle workshop in Le Havre, a position he currently holds. “My first position changes were opportunities that I seized; the last one is a real professional choice” says Nicolas. “I had enough hindsight to know what I wanted: to stay in the industry and not manage projects, but teams.

Again, nothing was a given: managing twenty sheet metal welders in a context of strong growth is a substantial challenge! But Nicolas quickly understood that he had made the right choice. “I started from scratch, and I don’t regret it at all, even though I must admit that it is very intense. While project or programme management is a long-term task, in production we have to manage challenges on a daily basis. With ups... and downs! It requires a lot of rigour, a great capacity for work and perseverance. Every success represents a driving force that enables you to move forward.

What's next? “I still have a lot to learn,” comments Nicolas, “but I know that one day, I will want to explore new horizons again. Always in management and in an industrial environment, but perhaps with a more strategic angle.” For now, he feels fulfilled in his role and proud to belong to a group that combines high technology and sustainable development. “In the workshop, we are currently exploring several ways to reduce our energy consumption” he explains. “Small actions, such as shutting down a machine for the weekends, can yield great results. A bit like in team sports, where each player contributes to the success of the team.” And he knows all about that, since he's been playing club football since he was very young...