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All you need to know about "Long-Range Sniper" function of JIM Compact


As operational contexts evolve, armed forces increasingly have to deal with enemies who are extremely mobile and deftly blend in with populations. The problem then arises on how to ensure a long distance shot that is rapid and surgically precise on a moving target in dense urban zones, with the target constantly being covered and uncovered.

The solution is here in our multi-functional infra-red binocular system JIM Compact (< 2kg), which currently offers the best blend of sensor technology and performance-to-weight ratio on the market.

As the only industrial manufacturer in the world able to deliver such a function, Safran Electronics & Defense will unveil the new version of its latest-generation binocular system boasting the new long-range sniper (TELD) function at the SOFINS event (2-4 April 2019). The equipment is currently on order or in service in 10 NATO countries.

The TELD function was developed with Special Operations Command (SOC) and can increase the probability of a sniper hitting a moving target with their first shot from 20 to 90 %*.

How does it work?

By measuring the distance to the target and its speed of motion, and by calculating the flight time of the bullet according to the firing table for the weapon/ammunition pairing used, JIM Compact will display in the sights any corrections necessary to the angle of fire. As the binocular system performs these calculations, it limits the cognitive workload for the sniper and enables them to engage a moving target (on foot or in a vehicle) extremely rapidly with remarkable reliability. 

As JIM Compact includes a cooled thermal channel, a megapixel colour day channel and a near-IR low light level HD channel, the sniper can act in all circumstances, whether day or night, and fire when the target is still covered.

While considerably limiting the risk of collateral damage, the "long-range sniper" function on JIM Compact also significantly increases shot effectiveness, rapidity of engagement and the versatility of moving targets engaged.



1. In the JIM Compact menu, the observer selects the ammunition used by their sniper partner given the current mission and the required range. e.g : ammunition .338 LAPUA BO.

2. The observer measures the firing distance to the intended point of impact using the laser range finder on JIM Compact. e.g: target at 902m.

3. Then the observer measures the angular speed of the target using a timed observation via the JIM Compact binocular.

4. By using the ammunition ballistic table (1), measuring the firing distance (2) and measuring the angular speed of the target (3), the TELD function computes and displays the additional correction to the angle of fire, which the observer then transmits to the sniper. e.g: 4.3 thousands to the left (i.e. +43 clicks), 1.2 thousands upward (i.e. +12 clicks).

5. The sniper adjusts the angle of fire on the binocular focus wheel, aims and fires. 

6. The target arrives at the location at the instant calculated by the TELD function.

7. The target is neutralised. The objective is reached.


The TELD function on JIM Compact was assessed operationally by SOC NCOs undergoing sniper training. It kept its promised through its reliability, efficiency and simplicity of use, with just 10 minutes being necessary to achieve basic familiarity with its operation.

With this new version of JIM Compact, already lauded for its compact size, its weight (< 2 kg with battery), its autonomy and connectivity on the battlefield, alongside the complementary nature of its functions (observe, inform, locate), Safran Electronics & Defense has once again demonstrated its capacity to understand the most demanding operational requirements of armed forces and to deliver a suitable solution.


*results for 10 shots fired by novice sniper trainees using a target at 400 m moving at 8 km/h.