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Airbus and Safran to market an electric taxiing system for A320 Family


The electric taxiing solution, which is the result of an extensive R&T phase led by Safran and Airbus has received ‘Authorisation To Market’ approval by Airbus and Safran for an application on the A320 Family.

Depending on the airline feedback, the actual program could subsequently be launched in the near future. The system’s electric motors in the main landing gear, powered by electricity from the APU (auxiliary power unit), will allow an aircraft fitted with it to pushback and taxi without using its jet engines or requiring airport tractors or tugs. This system will provide airlines with a sustainable solution which combines savings on operating costs (including a reduction of around four percent in fuel costs, equal to several hundred thousand dollars per aircraft annually), independent movement on the ground, improvement of on-time departures, as well as environmental advantages such as reduced carbon and NOx emissions, and less noise during taxiing.