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After-sales: Safran Electrical & Power moves even further up in the Airbus rankings


The Airbus rankings for players in the after-sales market have drawn the full attention of the aerospace sector. The results are in, and Safran Electrical & Power has once again surpassed itself.

When Airbus rates its suppliers on their after-sales business, it surveys not just its own airline clients, but also its own teams, using dedicated questionnaires. It also tracks specific indicators like product reliability and operational performance. In the end, it creates a list of its 43 main suppliers, and Safran Electrical & Power is one of them.

The Power and Safran Ventilation Systems divisions were therefore reviewed, as they have been in the past. This year, they did even better. Power is now one of the top ten suppliers. Like last year, the division is eighth in the airline rankings, but it has made significant progress in Airbus' rankings. Its grade rose by 44.31 points. Safran Ventilation Systems, meanwhile, is just outside the Top 10, in 11th place. With a 6.31-point improvement over the previous year, the division is at the top of the airline and Airbus rankings, despite dropping a little in indicators. "This fine outcome is the result of our internal organization, a push by management, and the investments that we've made to improve our performance. It means working each day, both with the client and in the field: On the operations side, to improve our performance; and on the support side, to improve our products", explains Vincenzo Guerriero, Director of Support & Services at Safran Electrical & Power.

This year Power even won a "Best of the Year Award" in the Support & Services category: "Only eight of the 43 suppliers will earn that honor this year," said Vincenzo. In three years, the electrical generation and distribution systems division has moved up thirty spots in the airline rankings, which translates into an excellent level of support. As for Safran Ventilation Systems, it rose five spots between 2016 and 2017, largely due to a positive assessment by the airlines and by Airbus.

"We are still pursuing our avenues for improvement, with the goal of remaining at the top of these rankings and retaining the gratitude of our clients. We are proud of these results. Congratulations to everyone involved!", concludes Vincenzo.