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The 737 MAX 7 takes to the skies


The Boeing 737 MAX 7 completed its maiden flight on Friday 16 March. The plane is powered exclusively by CFM engines, as has been the case with the whole 737 family of aircraft since 1982. Its commercial take-up is scheduled in 2019.


The 737 MAX 7, the smallest model of the 737 MAX family, took off from Renton Field (Washington State, USA) at 10.17am local time and successfully completed a three-hour flight. The 737 MAX 7 can carry between 138 and 153 passengers in a conventional twin-class layout and up to 172 in a single-class layout. It has a range of 7,130km - the longest of all the 737 MAX family. Powered by the CFM LEAP-1B engine, the aircraft can now join the 737 MAX 8 and 737 MAX 9 which completed their maiden flights in January 2016 and April 2017 respectively.

The 737 MAX family will ultimately be extended with the addition of the 737 MAX 10, whose launch was officially announced at the last Paris Air Show.



Safran on board

Beside its LEAP-1B engines produced by CFM, this family of aircraft features many other Safran products such as the Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC), the power transmission system which is used to harness the power provided by the engine (before it is converted into hydraulic, pneumatic or electric energy), the wheels and carbon brakes (as chosen by the airline) as well as the wiring (measuring 25km in length per aircraft)! Safran’s ventilation equipment is also fitted on board the Boeing 737 MAX 7 to manage cabin and cockpit airflow. Several pieces of equipment from Zodiac Aerospace are also on board: oxygen distribution systems, slides, life-rafts and life-jackets, landing gear harnesses, fuel distribution equipment (optional), control panels and cockpit control components, passenger seats, galleys, inserts, forward and rear stairs, cockpit doors.

To date, the 737 MAX family has received more than 4,300 orders.