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60 years of the Treaties of Rome: Safran and the European Union


Over the last 60 years, the European Union has built a prosperous and reliable ecosystem, which helps companies to develop. The 60th birthday of the Treaties of Rome, signed on March 25th, 1957, provides an occasion to focus on the importance of the European Union for Safran.

European policies have built over the last 60 years a prosperous and reliable ecosystem: monetary stability, single market for workers mobility, ambitious Research and Innovation programs, high level of environmental protection and worldwide recognized certification.

Safran, as a major European industrial actor, with 48,000 employees within the EU among 66,500 (67% of our workforce), directly benefited from this stable and innovative environment, developing new technologies to maintain its leadership and invent new horizons.

For example, through Horizon 2020, the European Research and Innovation program, and its Joint Technology Initiative Clean Sky, Safran is exploring, with other European partners, different technologies to develop tomorrow’s engines and equipment that will enable quieter, cleaner, more fuel-efficient, more economical and more electrical aircraft.

In a constantly accelerating world, undergoing deep changes, we believe that European stability and prosperity is a major achievement that needs to be preserved.



Safran in the European Union

● 48,000 employees, of 67% of global headcount

● +100 sites

● +20 research programs within the “Horizon 2020” European Program, of which 6 led as a coordinator

● +10 advanced demonstrators led within the Clean Sky Joint Technological Initiative (Open Rotor, TECH-TP…)