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6 good reasons to own Safran shares

3D loom : carbon fiber

When you hold Safran shares, you enjoy a host of advantages:

1. Take part in the development of an exceptional global enterprise.

Safran is an international high-tech group and tier-1 supplier of systems and equipment for the aerospace and defense. Operating worldwide, Safran has 66,500 employees and recorded sales of 15.8 billion euros (excluding security). Working alone or in partnership, Safran holds world or European leadership positions in its core markets.


2. Support economic and environmental changes, based on innovation.

Innovation is at the heart of Safran’s culture. Inherited from the Group’s founders, it is perpetuated by all employees worldwide, who are working to develop tomorrow’s technologies.

In a constantly changing world, Safran undertakes Research & Development (R&D) projects to improve continuously our products and services: in 2016, for instance, we spent 1.7 billion euros on R&D (excluduing security). Safran develops solutions to address the major challenges facing society: safeguard resources, protect the environment, support the modernization of national forces and invent new horizons.

For example, Safran is exploring multiple designs for tomorrow’s aircraft engines, and make them even quieter, cleaner and more fuel-efficient, with lower operating costs for our customers.


3. Support corporate social responsibility.

Safran integrates corporate social responsibility (CSR) in our growth strategy to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. Our CSR policy is based on six priority objectives, aligned with our corporate strategy, actions and commitments.


4. Discover our rich history, reaching back over a century!

The oldest aero-engine manufacturer in the world, Safran has grown over the years by consolidating a number of prestigious companies in the aerospace, defense and security sectors (the security business has been entierly divested in may 2017). From the original Gnome rotary engine in 1908, to the Ariane 6 launcher being developed today, Safran has introduced a number of iconic products in the last 110 years.

Safran’s history


5. Take advantage of sound financial health and the fruits of rapid growth.

By buying Safran shares, you own a part of our share capital and invest in our development. This status entitles you to certain rights especially that of sharing the value created, through dividend payments.

You will own a share that has logged very solid performance. In fact, the Safran share has regularly out-performed the CAC 40 (French stock market index). Since Safran was created in 2005, it has generated steady sales growth, thanks to the dynamic performance of its markets as well as its leadership positions.

A Safran share bought on May 11, 2005 at 15.45 euros was worth 68.42 euros at December 31, 2016. This translates into overall growth (ex-dividend) of 396 % and average annual growth of 14.5 %.

The Safran share


6. The possibility of joining the Safran Shareholders Club and enjoying its benefits.

For Safran, developing and strengthening relations with our shareholders is fundamental. By joining the Shareholders Club, you will enjoy unique advantages. You will also get an inside look at our activities, through a close-up view of our employees’ everyday activities.

Exclusive guided visits: Safran offers exclusive guided visits to our plants and laboratories. These visits offer an unprecedented opportunity to meet our employees and get a behind-the-scenes view of the Group, along with our companies, products and fields of expertise.

Shareholder meetings: Meetings that allow shareholders to talk with the Investor Relations department about Safran’s strategic objectives, results and outlook.

Practical training courses: Do you want to learn about stock markets, how to manage a portfolio, or better understand current economic and financial challenges? We offer practical training courses, in these and other subjects, in partnership with the École de la Bourse.

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