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The 2021 Safran Innovation Awards: spotlight on the Group's innovations


22 November to 25 November 2021 saw the issuing of the Safran Innovation Awards, the competition which highlights the most creative and innovative projects put forward by Group employees.

Safran Innovation Awards 2021

The pandemic certainly didn't stifle the Group's creativity! In 2021, Safran maintained its annual innovation-themed event, organizing the final of the Safran Innovation Awards (SIA) from 22 to 25 November 2021. Since 2005, each year this event has encouraged creativity and the emergence of key products and services, enabling the Group to achieve better performance and to be more competitive.



Bearing witness to the high levels of dynamic innovation and operational excellence, no fewer than 108 applications were submitted by employees from all Group companies worldwide. 24 teams competed for the awards in 7 categories.

Fully in keeping with Safran's strategic priorities at a time of environmental, social and digital change, this year the competition featured two new categories: "Low Carbon" and "Digital Transformation".

The awards ceremony for this event was 100% virtual this year, enabling all Safran employees to attend the different teams' presentations and to speak to the finalists.



 The "Field Experience" category: Acoustic Camera

This portable device designed by staff from Safran Aerosystems, quickly and effectively detects air leaks or vacuum leaks for all gases on inflatable equipment. Equipped with 124 extremely sensitive microphones, this new type of camera makes it possible to reduce equipment inspection times and can be used at any stage in the maintenance cycle.


The "Services" category: Mar$ Project

This project by a team from Safran Nacelles, developed with the help of Safran Analytics, which can be deployed in several Group companies, makes it possible to identify information in just a few clicks (including quantities, prices, etc.) for PMA ("Parts Manufacturer Approval"), parts produced through competition via the processing of data, in contrast to OEMs ("Original Equipment Manufacturers").


The "Digital Transformation" category: CIICLADES - Cobot for final control

A team of staff from Safran Helicopter Engines came up with a simple, fast and inexpensive solution for the visual inspection of engines. This innovation, which uses a collaborative robot, a touchscreen and artificial intelligence allows for a 50% reduction in inspection times.


The "Open Innovation" category: Headset free

This technology, developed by staff from Safran Seats, enables the passenger to listen to multimedia content from the screen without a headset. The technology includes four loudspeakers inside the seat's adjustable "wings".


The "Low Carbon" category: e-Energy

This energy management solution, developed by Safran Seats, allows for the real-time measurement of electrical consumption and CO2 emissions. The objective is to be better able to analyze a site's consumption and to implement action plans to avoid energy losses. The solution also makes it possible to remotely verify the various sources of electrical consumption such as lighting or air-conditioning.


The "Products, Technology and Patents" category: RGB : progressing to a second stage

The teams from Safran Transmission Systems have developed a brand-new double stage reduction gear architecture placed near the turbine which makes it possible to achieve a very high by-pass ratio, a vital necessity in order to reduce fuel consumption by the engine and to cut CO2 emissions.


The "Operational Excellence & Competitiveness" category: 300M Automatic balancing

This automatic algorithm developed by the teams at Safran Landing Systems makes it possible to identify the optimal position for a part on a machining center in just a few seconds. The new solution also makes it possible to remotely assist the operator if necessary.

In this unprecedented year, a special "Fighting Covid" award was also issued to the teams from Safran Electronics & Defense for their contribution and their investment in the fight against covid to offer protections to caregivers, for example: adaptation of the Easybreath diving mask from Decathlon, SafeAer decontamination and analysis equipment since in the Safran intraprenariat, textile protections ( masks, gowns), visors, respirator parts ...





"Once again, this event has shown that innovation is part of the very lifeblood of Safran and that ideas are the driving force behind our transformation. Despite the difficulties we have encountered over the last 18 months, we have continued investing more than 5% of our revenue in research and technology"

Olivier Andriès, Safran CEO