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100,000 blades later


MIRA passes the milestone of 100,000 blades under its belt, i.e. 500 boosters since its commissioning in June 2021.

 Machine d'Inspection et de Répartition des Aubes

MIRA, for Machine d'Inspection et de Répartition des Aubes (blade inspection and distribution machine), is celebrating 100,000 blades that have been inspected, weighed, moved, sorted and classified. This is a good opportunity to look back at this project, which is being carried out by a multidisciplinary, committed and motivated team.

MIRA is a robot, an artificial intelligence, developed by Safran Aero Boosters to overcome the main problem in the assembly of LEAP boosters: firstly, blade analysis and, secondly, blade distribution. A fine example of automation working for the operators.

How does it work?

After selecting a blade kit, the operator places the case in MIRA, which takes care of reading the parts and serial numbers, weighing and eventually inspecting the dimensions. These are all tedious tasks that used to fall to operators. When all the data for a blade kit is known, MIRA runs a dispatch algorithm and produces a box ready for assembly.

“I wouldn't want to go back to the old way," says Tony, an assembly operator, "even if the handling remains similar, not having to read the numbers on the blades is much more convenient!"

There are many advantages, including increased productivity, operational control and traceability, but also, and perhaps above all, an increase in working comfort and ergonomics with the elimination of a laborious task.