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Safran ranked 4th in France for hiring of young engineers – and 1st in industry!

On December 8, French business weekly Les Echos published the ranking of companies that had hired the most young engineers in France in 2016, based on data from the specialized website WebEngineering. Safran was ranked 4th in the country, and 1st in the Industry category.

The ranking drew on an analysis of nearly 20,000 job offers for young engineers with up to six years of experience, published between mid-November 2015 and mid-November 2016.

Safran was ranked 4th in France overall and 1st in the industry category for the hiring of young engineers. The Group, which also earned the 2016 "HappyAtWork" label, expected to hire a total of 6,000 employees in 2016, including 2,000 in France (900 engineers and managers). A total of 765 job offers were posted on the WebEngineering site for young engineers. 

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