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Aerobatics: Safran on the victory trail

The French team won the 12th World Aerobatic Championships in August, thereby claiming the title for second year in a row. Benoît Faict, a member of the French team who is an employee at Safran Nacelles and supported by the Group’s sponsorship program, finished 8th in the individual rankings.

The last World Aerobatics Championship certainly lived up to expectations. Over the course of ten days, from 4 to 14 August 2016, the skies over Radom - the town that hosted the event in Poland - witnessed the aerobatic exploits of some sixty experienced pilots, including Benoît Faict, an aeronautical engineer at Safran Nacelles and the current French aerobatics champion.

Benoît Faict is as passionate about his job as an aeronautical engineer as he is about top-level aerobatics, and has been supported by the Safran sponsorship program for several years now, as well as by the Group's employees!

At the end of the competition, Benoît explained: "I'm really satisfied with the results. One of the objectives set by the French Aerobatics Federation was to retain our title as world champions. So, we ticked that box! On a more personal level, I hope I can win the French title again at the National Aerobatics Championships, which will take place from 10 to 14 September in Châteauroux."




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