Safran University clinches "Gold Trophy"

On April 7, 2016, as part of the first Printemps des Universités d’Entreprise, Safran University received the 2016 Gold Trophy awarded by BPI Group as well as the 2016 Special Mention for the best corporate university, in the Major Companies category.


Dreamt up by the BPI Group, Printemps des Universités d'Entreprise is a newly created event devoted to employment, professional training and labor relations. Following a day of conference and participatory workshops focusing on best practices in training , 12 companies and universities received awards from a jury comprising industry professionals.

Consolidating employability

Safran University received the 2015 Gold Trophy for its employability development policy as well as its commitment to corporate social responsibility matters. "Among the initiatives led by Safran University, BPI Group particularly appreciated the Excom's active and recurrent participation in the university's affairs," said the jury.

Safran University received a Special Mention for the best corporate university in the Major Companies category. The award recognizes modern teaching focused on sharing experiences and which encourages employees to direct their careers.

A tool for fostering development for all

Gilbert Font, Director of the University, Training and Managerial Development at Safran, was thrilled to learn about the award: "we are especially proud of getting both awards which honor our Group and all of the people working tirelessly to turn Safran University into a tool for fostering development for all our employees."


BPI Group

Established in 1984, BPI Group is a management and human resources consulting firm specialized in helping individuals and organizations navigate change. 

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