Dubai selected Morpho to supply Speed & Red-Light Enforcement System

Morpho (Safran), the world leader in identity and security solutions, today announced that it has been selected by Dubai for the delivery, installation and maintenance of Mesta Fusion radars.
Mesta Fusion to supply Speed & Red-Light Enforcement System

The Traffic Department of Dubai has selected Mesta Fusion as part of a comprehensive offer to improve the safety of the largest traffic intersections in Dubai. Mesta Fusion, launched in 2013, integrates the latest technology in red light enforcement and operating on the largest Dubai intersections with up to 7 lanes of traffic.  




In addition to speed and red-light detection, Mesta Fusion provides other advanced enforcement functions that meet Dubai Police road safety needs such as illegal trajectory, focusing on dangerous driver behavior on the intersection

Colonel Saif Almazrouei, Director of the general department of Traffic of Dubai


After a series of tests conducted during the summer period to ensure the resistance of Mesta Fusion to very high temperatures, a new design of the equipment was developed in cooperation with the Traffic Department for seamless integration with urban requirement of the city of Dubai. 

The contract was signed in January 2016 and the equipment will be delivered in the coming weeks.



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