Morpho chosen to help Victoria Police strengthen its criminal identification system

Morpho Facial identification system

Sydney, January 12, 2016

Morpho (Safran Group) announced today it has been selected for the provision of additional biometric capability to Victoria Police, in Australia, allowing front line police to collect and check identity information quickly and accurately.

Morpho will refresh the current fleet and increase the number of fingerprint and face capturing stations (LiveScans) up to 92 at Victoria's police stations across metropolitan and remote locations. This one stop Kiosk will integrate Fingerprint, Palmprint and facial capture in one solution providing significant efficiency gains. 

Victoria Police's facial recognition capability will almost quadruple in capacity. Under this contract, Victoria Police is increasing its fleet of fingerprinting capture equipment by an additional 20 stations for greater coverage across the state. This will raise the percentage of electronically captured prints in Victoria well above 90% providing real time identification.

"Morpho's proven expertise in Australia played a major role in winning this new contract," said Tim Ferris, managing director of the local subsidiary Morpho Australasia. "We have been working closely with the Victoria Police for twelve years, and have already supplied 72 stations to record fingerprints and palmprints. By expending its fingerprint and facial identification capability, Victoria Police is once again a technology pioneer and one of the best equipped police forces in the world."

Morpho will provide full service as part of a ten-year agreement, including the upgrade of Victoria Police's facial recognition software with Morpho's latest biometric engine, full refresh of current LiveScan fleet as well as delivery of additional units, scheduled in 2016.

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