Turbomeca marks a million flight hours with U.S. Coast Guard

Turbomeca (Safran) today celebrates a major achievement: one million hours flown by U.S. Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphins fitted with the Arriel 2C2-CG engine. Operating a fleet of over 200 Arriels, the U.S.C.G. is one of Turbomeca's major US customers.

The occasion was celebrated in presence of U.S.C.G. Lieutenant Commander Edward S Apontes, and several Turbomeca representatives, from France and USA, at the U.S.C.G. Aviation Logistics Center at Elizabeth City, North Carolina.


As part of the Deepwater program, the U.S.C.G. decided in 2004 to re-engine its entire fleet of MH-65 Dolphins with the Arriel 2C2-CG. The first flight of an Arriel-powered MH-65 took place in June 2003, and Turbomeca delivered the first production 2C2-CG in May 2004. A total of 225 engines were delivered, the last one handed over in April 2007.

The Arriel 2C2-CG has provided better safety, reliability, power and performance margins to the MH-65. The helicopters are used for critical missions including search and rescue, law enforcement, environmental response and maritime surveillance.

Jean-François Sauer, Arriel & Arrius program Vice President, said: "Arriel is the proven and reliable engine solution within the 700 to 1,000 shp range. The 10 year successful partnership with the US Coast Guard demonstrates Turbomeca's capability to fulfill U.S. military program requirements, including on-time deliveries, predictable costs and product performance commitments. Our MRO Center in Grand Prairie, Texas, provides close and efficient support to all our U.S. military customers. We are very proud that, every day, U.S.C.G. crews depend on the Arriel to help them protect and save lives".

Over 1,100 Arriel engines are in service within US Government Agencies.

These Arriel engines were assembled by Turbomeca USA in Grand Prairie, Texas. The US-based subsidiary continues to support the engines through the Service By the Hour (SBH) contract. It delivers engine availability at a predictable cost per flight hour.

Around 12,000 Arriel units have been produced, together logging 45 million flight hours. With power outputs ranging from 650 to 1000 shp, the Arriel family now powers over 40 different helicopter types.

Arriel is the best-selling helicopter engine solution in its class.

An Arriel-powered helicopter takes off every 15 seconds – all day, every day.

Turbomeca (Safran) is the leading helicopter engine manufacturer and, since its foundation in 1938, has produced over 72,000 turbines. Turbomeca offers the widest range of helicopter engines in the world and has more than 2,500 customers in 155 countries. Turbomeca has 15 sites and operates on each continent, providing its customers with a proximity service through 39 distributors and certified maintenance centers, 18 Repair & Overhaul Centers, and 90 Field Representatives and Field Technicians. Turbomeca subsidiary Microturbo is the leading European manufacturer of turbojet engines for missiles, drones and auxiliary power units.

Turbomeca (Safran) is the leading helicopter engine manufacturer, and has produced 70,000 turbines based on its own designs since the company was founded. Offering the widest range of engines in the world and dedicated to 2,500 customers in 155 countries, Turbomeca provides a proximity service thanks to its 15 sites, 30 proximity maintenance centers, 18 Repair & Overhaul Centers, and 90 Field representatives and Field technicians. Microturbo, the subsidiary of Turbomeca, is the European leader in turbojet engines for missiles, drones and auxiliary power units.


For more information: www.turbomeca.com and www.safran-group.com.

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