Safran gears up for tomorrow's digital world

As a leading supplier of systems and equipment for aerospace, defense and security, Safran is always on the lookout for new talent, especially in all information technology sectors.


Building foundations for the future means adapting to new digital applications and knowing how to process and analyze data. "Our primary goal is to ensure IT effectiveness in support of all of our business lines," says Loïc Bournon, deputy head of IT at Safran.


Innovation underpins all efforts by Safran employees. The challenge is to ensure more agile project development, and efficiently manage technological changes.


"We handle a wide scope of projects," says Bournon. "They range from support functions, including HR, purchasing, finance and communications, to the entire life cycle of Safran products, spanning design, production and support."


Are you comfortable in the digital world? Familiar with collaborative working tools, roaming, scientific computation, big data, cloud computing and other key topics? Is innovation in your blood? Join Safran by sending a job application.


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