Morpho consolidates its strengths in digital identity

World leader in security and identity solutions, the next step for Morpho (Safran) is to accelerate its momentum in the digital identity market. We asked Morpho's Chief Executive Officer, Anne Bouverot, to share her insights.



Before joining Morpho, you were head of the global mobile operators' association, GSMA*. How do you view mobile today?

For nearly a decade now, the telecom market has shown extremely rapid growth. With mobile connectivity booming, the competing players are developing increasingly inventive solutions to anticipate consumer expectations and maintain market share. Consumer demand today is driven by the desire to benefit from faster and simpler use of mobile, such as making an online purchase without having to enter multiple security codes. To address this demand, we must develop safe and reliable technologies for user identification. A first step in this direction has been the integration of fingerprint recognition sensors in smartphones. But that's not enough, especially from a security standpoint. The next step will be incorporating higher-performance biometric technologies in our smartphones and tablets, such as facial or iris recognition, and incorporating them simultaneously for a given person. Through integration of several biometric factors, we can really start talking about highly secure digital identities.


Do you think that the development of digital identity will accelerate in the coming years?I am firmly convinced, as both user and professional, of the enormous potential of digital identity verification for smartphones and tablets. The industry is converging towards a global mobile Internet ecosystem. I was lucky enough be directly involved in this ecosystem earlier in my career, and most recently with GSMA. As consumers, we have to prove our identity every day, one way or another, and we will be doing this more and more in digital form, primarily through our smartphones and tablets. There is a huge need for technologies to enable remote authentication solutions that are fast, simple and reliable. The market is already developing rapidly, and I'm sure the pace will accelerate further in the coming years.


How can Morpho develop its business in this market?Development cycles are very short!  We must use our agility to ensure that our technologies are the winning ones. I hope to leverage Morpho's technological excellence in a number of markets to meet these objectives, spanning telecommunications, biometric identification, public security and banking services. We also have proven expertise in all the key enabling technologies, such as biometric recognition, enrolment, large scale data mining and data security. These are invaluable assets, which will support our drive to become the world leader in digital identity.


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* GSMA: represents the interests of some 800 mobile operators worldwide, along with more than 250 manufacturers, software developers and other related companies. 

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