Safran, partner of the Talents des Cités contest, is sponsoring Julie Hinderschid for “Julie’s School”

For the 5th year, Safran is a partner of the Talents des Cités contest ("Inner-City Talents"), an event created through an initiative of the French Senate and the French Ministry of Urban Affairs. This contest honors the men and women who start their businesses, contribute to economic development and create jobs in urban development priority neighborhoods.  


An e-learning platform to help students in difficulty

Safran is a strong believer in the importance of education for the development of every individual and in its role as a vector for social integration and equality of opportunity. Education is therefore the major focus of its philanthropy activities. As part of Talents des Cités, the Group has chosen to sponsor Julie Hinderschid for the e-learning platform "Julie's School". This project is currently under development and will launch in 2016 at the beginning of the school year. The aim is to offer an innovative solution for helping children in difficulty: courses, exercises, games… This platform will provide tailored tutoring to these pupils, who often lack autonomy in their learning processes, so they may develop their academic skills and regain self-confidence. Information and advice on learning methods will be made available to parents, to help them find their place in their children's schooling and overcome potential challenges in connecting with them.

This e-learning is also expected to innovate by providing tools to help dyslexic children assimilate knowledge better.

A keen project leader!

Julie Hinderschid holds a doctorate in the Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities, and has several years of experience teaching in secondary and higher education; she was also the coach of a handball team. This young laureate is now a self-employed professor who dedicates her time to furthering this original project which should facilitate learning for all.

"I am very proud to be sponsored by Safran, an international group that is an innovation pioneer and a dynamic actor committed to making education available to the greatest number. My project will first be introduced in the Languedoc-Roussillon region where I live with my family, and I hope to develop it across the entire country and later, who knows, even beyond! Safran's support encourages me to think big!", Julie declares.

The contest's two major prizes, the 2015 "Talents des Cités Grand Prize" and the "Special Mention", will be awarded on October 24th in the French Senate chambers.

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