"Innovate with Safran"

Safran is launching a recruiting campaign based on Innovation. We asked Raphaëlle Giovannetti, head of human resources development, to tell us a little more about this campaign and about innovation at Safran.
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What are Safran's challenges in terms of employment and recruiting?

Safran now has more than 69,000 employees, nearly half of whom joined the Group in the last four years. For 2015, we are aiming to hire 5,000 more employees worldwide, including 1,900 in France.

Today, we are coping with four main changes in our environment: the growth in our revenues, the transition between generations, the ramp-up in production, and the sustained increase in our R&T and innovation investments. In line with our corporate strategy, we continue to recruit top talent to meet the innovation challenge.

The future of aviation depends on the industry's ability to project itself into the future and to start inventing now the technology solutions that will address tomorrow's critical challenges. That's why we try to hire people with the most imagination, who can help us carry out our mission of innovating to benefit a world on the move.


What type of person is Safran trying to recruit?

Safran is a high-tech group that comprises different high value-added professions. The people we are recruiting in France span all of our business sectors and all job categories: from engineers and management staff to technicians and operators.

Our top priority is engineers and doctoral scientists in different areas of R&D, mechanics, electronics and automation, materials, system and software architecture, data analytics. About 30% of new hires work in R&D. We are also looking for engineers specializing in methods and production engineering, purchasing and the supply chain in general.

There are also opportunities in production trades, mainly for operators and technicians. A number of jobs have to be filled every year, by candidates with a vocational degree, mainly for machining, assembly and non-destructive testing. These production jobs are key professions for Safran.


What role does innovation play at Safran?

Innovation is an integral part of our heritage, and a value shared by our different business lines, in our approach to training, and in our Research & Technology efforts, of course.

Safran is not just a company that makes innovative products: we have made innovation the engine behind our development, and we are always looking for new solutions to satisfy our customers and improve daily life, while making it easier for people to travel.

So when we recruit, we focus on candidates who are innovative, by which I mean curious, open, creative. These are essential qualities for anyone working at Safran, and I would like to invite all persons who are looking for a motivating career driven by innovation to apply at safran-talent.com

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