MorphoTrust Launches Identix® Trusted Identity-as-a-Service

New Multimodal Biometric Cloud-Based Platform to Prevent Fraud, Protecting Consumers and Enterprises Alike
identix Authentication Platform

September 21, 2015, Billerica, MAMorphoTrust USA (Safran) has opened a new front in the battle to protect consumers, businesses and government agencies from the growing burdens of identity theft and fraud, bringing the power of multimodal biometrics, authentication and search engine technology to the cloud.  With the commercial introduction of the Identix Trusted Identity-as-a-Service (TIaaS) platform, MorphoTrust brings more than two decades of pioneering leadership in biometric identification (fingerprint, face, iris and palm), document authentication, and data verification to customers seeking new ways to leverage cloud and mobile technology to verify that individuals are who they claim to be.

"From financial services to healthcare there is a critical need to establish trusted identities, both in person and online," said Bruce Berger, General Manager, Commercial Business at MorphoTrust. "We have deep expertise in establishing, issuing and verifying personal identities in some of the most demanding environments in the world. Identix TIaaS leverages our biometric, credentialing and authentication competencies for a wide variety of commercial markets—everywhere identity matters."

The Identix platform provides an essential set of technology building blocks that can be used by commercial and government organizations to verify identities with a high degree of confidence. TIaaS is a robust, scalable, hosted solution for public and private clouds. It is optimized for searching, processing, authenticating, and comparing various types of identity data in order to verify individuals to create online accounts, grant access to applications, services or benefits and investigate potential fraud or misconduct.  Server-based and on-premise implementations are also available. 

Future releases will include document authentication, real-time face recognition, advanced workflow management, and a catalog of API's adding even more tools for identity assurance.

In addition, Identix® Mobile Software Developer Kits (SDKs) will enable developers to bring identity verification to mobile devices, enabling high quality biometric and document capture as well as authentication. The Identix TIaaS platform serves a wide variety of markets such as financial services, healthcare, higher education, government, travel and consumer transactions.

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MorphoTrust USA (Safran) is "The Identity Company," providing market-leading solutions and services to commercial businesses and government agencies that enable trusted transactions – in person or online – whenever identity matters.  This includes enrollment, with the secure capture and transmission of biometric and biographic data; verifying identity through biometric identification, document authentication and validation of data against trusted sources; and issuing secure credentials or permissions to access a range of benefits and services.  MorphoTrust solutions produce 80% of the U.S. driver licenses and IDs – the most trusted document for establishing identity. Other government programs include U.S. passports and passport cards, as well as solutions for border management, public safety, banking and travel. MorphoTrust serves consumers through a nationwide network of 1100 IdentoGO® Centers, delivering fingerprinting and other identity-related services to over 4.5 million customers annually.

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