Summer video series: four films recount Safran's human and industrial story

Safran is taking you to the movies this summer with four films that illustrate its core values. Produced by Corporate Communications, they recount the Safran story from both the human and industrial standpoints.

The fourth film in our summer saga is about the support chain between Hispano-Suiza's fellow workers to cope with the natural disaster that ransacked Hispano-Suiza Polska's plant.

That year, fierce floods hit all of Central Europe – including Sędziszów, Hispano-Suiza Polska's hometown. The water and sludge swamped the machinery that this industrial facility used to manufacture its power-transmission systems so it could no longer supply these critical engine parts. And stalling Airbus' or Boeing's aircraft production chain for several weeks... In 2010, Hispano-Suiza supplied the power transmission systems for all of Boeing's B737s and more than half of Airbus' A320 family.

An amazing wave of solidarity

So it needed to restart the Polish plant and ramp it back up to full capacity as soon as possible – and catch up the production delays from the downtime during the flood. Almost 200 maintenance technicians and specialists from all Group companies converged on Poland to help to get the plant back up and running, and 70 mechanics from Hispano-Suiza Polska flew to France to work at Hispano-Suiza's plant in Colombes. Their French colleagues took them in and they worked night shifts to keep deliveries on track. They worked together, rallying around the same values, and tackled the challenge: they delivered every unit on time. 


Four stories capturing the Group's culture have been chosen to be taken to the screen: the one about the Snecma site in Gennevilliers – the founding plant of the Group; the Sagem Fougères site's conversions; Turbomeca's operation in Bordes (the city where the world's leading producer of turbine engines for helicopters was born); and the solidarity between French and Polish Hispano-Suiza' mechanics during the floods that hit the Polish plant in 2010.

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