The summer saga: four movies about Safran’s human and industrial adventure

This summer, Safran is treating you to four movies featuring its history and values. These movies were produced by Safran’s Communications and Patronage department, and recount the Group’s human and industrial adventure.

Four stories capturing the Group's culture have been chosen to be taken to the screen: the ones about the Snecma site in Gennevilliers, the Sagem Fougères site's 2008 conversion, the Turbomeca site in Bordes through its inception, expansion and the new plant, and, lastly, the solidarity between French and Polish mechanics during the floods that hit Hispano-Suiza Polska in 2010.

Here is the second film in our summer series. This one is about the four successive conversions at the Sagem site in Fougères, and how it completed them all successfully in less than 40 years. This plant opened in 1970 to manufacture teletypewriters, transitioned towards facsimile machine and cellphone production in the 2000s, and then specialized in civil and defense electronics (for airplane and helicopter engines, sights, missile and drone guidance and control systems, and more) in 2008. In 2015, it phased out FELIN system production and branched into new logistics activities. The people at Fougères tell us about and show us the drive, dedication, determination and supportive spirit that helped them complete their site's conversions successfully time and again. 


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