Summer video series: four films recount Safran's human and industrial story

Safran is taking you to the movies this summer with four films that illustrate its core values. Produced by Corporate Communications, they recount the Safran story from both the human and industrial standpoints.

Safran chose four stories symbolizing our corporate culture: the history of the Snecma plant in Gennevilliers, near Paris; the redeployment of Sagem's Fougères plant in 2008; the founding of Turbomeca in Bordes, with its growth and the construction of a new plant; and the solidarity between French and Polish staff when the Hispano-Suiza factory in Poland was flooded in 2010.

The first film in this summer series will introduce you to the history of Safran's original site, also the birthplace of aircraft propulsion. That's where the Seguin brothers set up shop in 1905 and soon began to develop the first rotary aircraft engine in history, an impressive technical feat. 

Located just a few kilometers from Paris, along the banks of the Seine River, the Gennevilliers plant has built up unrivaled expertise over the last 50 years in forge, foundry and machining techniques for aircraft engine parts. The site now has nearly 1,500 employees and spans some 15 hectares (37 acres).


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