A teacher at Safran

With the “Teachers in business” program, Safran is committed to promoting technical trades in the educational sector. So the Group is inviting teachers to visit its sites several times a year. Gilbert Cimino, who teaches technology at a Seine-et-Marne secondary school, was welcomed at Snecma (Safran).

Organized by the Croissance Responsable (Responsible Growth) foundation, the "Teachers in business" initiative offers teachers or careers advisers* the opportunity to find out about the operation, organization and professional jobs involved in a company. These mini immersion courses help them to identify the skills and knowledge needed, so that they can offer better advice and guidance to their students when choosing their professional path.

Gilbert Cimino, who teaches technology at Blanche de Castille school in La Chapelle La Reine wanted to undertake this training at Snecma (Safran). He's ready to repeat the experience next year!

Teachers in business

Helping career guidance succeed

At the Villaroche plant, where Safran manufactures aircraft engines, Gilbert Cimino, was introduced by the department managers, engineers or supervisors, to Safran's key jobs: research department, engine assembly and test center.  "I enjoyed this day spent getting a full picture of the work, from design to assembly and testing of the engines. There is nothing better than to live the everyday life of a business: it is important to see what happens so that I can help students understand the tasks involved, pass on real information to them and advise them on particular kinds of training". This immersion process ended with a tour of the industrial technology training center (CFTI) at the Corbeil site. This center takes young people from the Bondoufle high school (Essonne), as trainees or apprentices, in the trades linked to parts manufacturing (milling, metal-working): "This visit also taught me a great deal about my own role as careers adviser to my high-school students. It will help me guide them in choosing their courses, advise them how to write reports, encourage them to take notes and ask questions… »


Opening schools up to the world of business

Gilbert Cimino found that this initiative helps school and business come closer together, and changes the way students view the world of industry: "Parents and their children often have a negative view of the trades involved in manufacturing, production and so on. When you have the opportunity, as I did, of visiting the Snecma engine test center, you realize how mistaken this attitude is: there's a real, high-tech, fascinating world out there!"


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