Close-up on the XDi detection system

To enable security services to lift bans and restrictions on the transportation of liquids: that’s the aim of XDi. Designed by Morpho, this system provides reliable detection of explosive liquids contained in cabin baggage, with no need to open the items concerned.

At the cutting edge of technology

The XDi Liquid Explosives Detection Solution uses coherent dispersion X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) technology, which identifies materials based on their molecular composition. This technology identifies substances regardless of their density or form, whether liquid, solid, gaseous or powdered, and locates them precisely within the baggage item. As soon as an item of hand baggage enters the scanner, its content is analyzed, and the molecular structures detected are compared against a database of prohibited materials stored in the machine's memory.

The XDi solution combines an XRD system with a traditional imaging system.

Fast checkpoint throughput

Compared with traditional X-Ray systems, XDi technology makes passing through checkpoints a faster and more convenient experience for travelers. Indeed, XRD is the only technology capable of delivering such a comprehensive performance while generating very few false alarms.


An enormous market

For several years, airlines and the European Parliament have been asking for the ban on the transport of more than 100 ml of liquid in hand luggage to be lifted. "This ban will be phased out gradually in three stages. At each stage, passengers will be allowed to carry more fluids and airports will therefore have to boot their inspection abilities. The XDi solution that detects and identifies liquid explosives without needing to take them out the luggage, will also provide the advantage of identifying solid explosives, in accordance with the upcoming regulations," explains François Mesqui, Director of European Affairs at Morpho.

XDi technology will soon find other applications in addition to airports: postal services, customs and other organizations requiring high levels of security, such as a government departments, prisons or embassies.


The XDi solution is currently under development at the XRD Technology Center of Excellence in Hamburg, Germany. Marketing and sales could start as early as 2015, pending certification by civil aviation authorities.


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