Safran introduces its “More Electric by Safran” app

The new “More Electric by Safran” tablet app is now available free of charge on the App Store: step into the universe of the more electric aircraft!

Electrification is speeding up, gaining ground and changing the game in the aeronautical industry. Safran is aware of the challenges: it is leading the energy revolution in the industry and developing a full suite of purpose-engineered technologies for more electric aircraft. In 2014, Safran established Labinal Power Systems, a subsidiary encompassing the Group's end-to-end electric systems (power generation, distribution and conversion, wiring, load management and ventilation).

The "More Electric by Safran" app is available in English and French. It will show you how electric power works on-board aircraft, and how Safran is shrinking the air transport sector's environmental footprint while enabling airlines to cut costs.


To start your journey to the center of the more electric aircraft now, download the "More Electric by Safran" application on your tablet (search "Safran" on the App Store or click this link:

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