Doctors of science: a force for Safran

Safran is recruiting more and more doctors of science for their research and innovation abilities. But not just for that reason: their multi-disciplinary training opens up other roles for them, such as management or project leadership...

Safran is welcoming these talented graduates to its workforce, with 450 colleagues holding doctorates so far. "These doctors come with very varied profiles, as Safran is recruiting experienced people as well as younger ones who have just completed their thesis, some of which with us", explains Marie-Céline Adnani, head of Safran's SSC* "Talent Search Recruitment". They have a range of areas of expertise, such as materials, modeling, special procedures, electronics, Big Data or machine learning, etc.


Laboratory observation and microscopic measurement

Adaptability and network skills

Over the last few years, the number of people with doctorates at Safran has increased, stimulated by a dynamic R&D policy and the investment of 13% of turnover in this area in 2014. This has resulted, significantly, in the creation of several research and innovation hubs, such as the Safran Fab Lab or the Safran Tech center, which will employ 300 researchers and engineers by 2017. "Over and above this structural context, recruitment of doctors is also boosted by the awareness of the benefits they can bring to a Group such as ours", Marie-Céline Adnani emphasizes. "In addition to their research and innovation skills, they are able to work with very different colleagues, and adapt to a broad variety of issues. This is very valuable in a business that has to invent, produce and sell tomorrow's solutions. Finally, they often have a widespread network across research laboratories, giving Safran the chance to enrich its own contacts and address subjects connected to its own business lines."


Worthwhile paths

Within the Group, these doctors find a stimulating working environment with a variety of prospects for career development: "In the course of their careers, they are offered a range of opportunities," adds Marie-Céline Adnani. "The conventional path is that of research within technical departments or Safran Tech, but they can also move into project management." Some of them are also offered management positions, while others take advantage of the "recognition channel" provided for experts, seniors and outstanding staff (see box). "The aim is to construct an ever more attractive career path, so that we continue to benefit fully from the creative potential of the doctors."

*Shared Services Centre




The Expert channel at Safran

Safran now has 900 Experts who have a specific status recognizing their level of achievement - junior, senior or outstanding - within a given field of expertise. In fields of expertise of particular value to the group, the Experts stand out through the way they pass on their knowledge and the value it is given. Whether coach or tutor, the Expert is a key player in cross-functionality. Experts are grouped into twelve, cross-disciplinary networks, to encourage innovation throughout the Group.

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