Morpho Launches Itemiser Field Drug Testing Kit

Itemiser 3 Enhanced - Morpho launches Itemiser Field Drug Testing Kit

Morpho (Safran), through its subsidiary Morpho Detection, today announced the launch of its Itemiser® Drug Testing Kit (I-DTK).

Consisting of an optimized Itemiser 3 Enhanced or Itemiser 3 trace detector and special consumable set, Morpho's I-DTK system allows front line officers to quickly and accurately collect and identify bulk amounts of narcotics in the field.

Designed to help law enforcement agencies realize cost savings and operational efficiencies through the simplification of casework and reduced need for laboratory identification services, I-DTK detects a broad range of narcotics including Cocaine, Heroin, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Ketamine and MDMA in addition to a number of new psychoactive substances such as Methoxetamine, Mephedrone and MDPV.

Following testing with the UK Home Office, the Itemiser 3 Enhanced I-DTK is certified in the UK for criminal evidential use by police during prosecutions involving MDMA and Ketamine. The Itemiser 3 is currently certified in the UK for Ketamine only. 

"Morpho's I-DTK gives law enforcement agencies a powerful new tool to help keep streets safe," said Karen Bomba, president and CEO, Morpho Detection. "We are committed to providing the most innovative solutions that help law enforcement officials solve difficult challenges. Morpho commends the UK Home Office for continuing to realize the important role trace technology plays in law enforcement."

The approval of Itemiser by the Home Office for evidentiary use gives law enforcement agencies additional applications for the more than 300 Itemiser systems currently deployed throughout the UK to screen for narcotics at airports, seaports and during police operations including the Operation International cash seizure project, night time economy work and warrant execution support activities.  

A lightweight, portable desktop system, Itemiser 3 Enhanced can detect trace amounts of residue from narcotics and explosives on skin, clothing, parcels, bags, cargo, vehicles and other surfaces

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