Safran launches innovation ad campaign

Safran - Nous imaginons le ciel à votre porte

Paris, June 3, 2015

Safran's latest advertising campaign is dedicated to innovation. It aims to spotlight Safran's vision of innovation, and share this vision outside the Group (with customers, partners, suppliers, schools and the general public), as well as with all employees. 


A visual concept of innovation at Safran

The novel image offered by Safran evokes an idea of our future daily life, with an aircraft stopping alongside a subway platform! Both the visual and the text call to mind a future world of travel, with the headline, "We bring the future to your doorstep". This campaign is designed to emphasize the importance of rising to the innovation challenges facing Safran. The visual for this ad uses a combination of photos reworked in 3D to provide a realistic, yet futuristic image. 


Campaign launched for the Paris Air Show 

The campaign will be seen in print and web ads, in both national and international media, as well as posters. Along with the campaign, the corporate website will provide a more in-depth look at the innovative solutions offered by Safran. The campaign is signed by the agency Havas Paris, which has worked on this project with Safran since last spring. 


According to Pascale Dubois, Safran Executive Vice President, Communications, "Through this campaign, Safran shows its contributions to a world on the move, by projecting our daily lives into the future, and how we could use our technologies to bring people closer together, anticipate our customers' requirements and foster greater mobility in every sense of the word. It tells the story of our strength in innovation, which lies at the intersection of our multidisciplinary skills." 


Lucie Munsch, the account manager at Havas Paris, adds, "Safran's take on innovation and the associated image now seem only natural. This creative effort marks a minor revolution, since it combines an array of current techniques and aspects in an amazing overall view projected towards our imagined future life." 

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