Safran Analytics: Make Big Data a lever for performance

Formed in January 2015, Safran Analytics has the task of managing and developing all of the Group’s activities in the area of Big data. Its objective: to turn data exploitation into a new performance lever, to optimize products and services as well as to improve processes and organization. Ghislaine Doukhan, Director of Safran Analytics, throws light on this digital revolution in which Safran is involved.

What is at stake with Big data?

Developments in the Internet, communication networks and connected objects generate vast quantities of data. Businesses like Safran also have significant amounts of data from their own information systems, sensors fitted to their products and the gradual digitization of production infrastructure. The cross-referencing of all these data offers valuable potential in terms of savings in productivity, help in decision-making and risk reduction. Forward-looking data analysis also enables us to offer services to our clients that are best suited to their needs, generating significant revenue streams for the Group.


Why create Safran Analytics?

Through Safran Analytics, we want to turn data exploitation into a new performance lever. Safran Analytics handles all the Group's activities in the Big Data field, supporting the companies through their digital transformation. This cross-cutting process should help us to improve production efficiency and develop products and services with high added value.


"Cross-referencing data offers a really valuable resource"


Is Safran seeking Big Data specialists?

We plan to offer end-to-end data, from gathering to provision of solutions to users. We will also have to link up these data with the business areas that need it, for analysis and value creation. We are therefore looking to develop skills in applied math and computer science, either through external recruitment or by training colleagues inspired by these subjects and having the essential knowledge to become Big Data experts. These teams will work very closely with the companies within the Group, using new methodologies to develop the Proof of Concept1, then moving into industrial production of the appropriate solutions. The design is intended to ensure a smooth, flexible and reactive process. Safran Analytics was created as a boost to the roll-out of Big Data and its opportunities.


1 Proof of Concept: a brief or partial implementation to demonstrate the feasibility of an idea.




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