Labinal Power Systems wins the Quality Prize at the Factory Awards held by L’Usine Nouvelle

Toulouse – May 27, 2015

Cérémonie Trophées des Usines organisés par L’Usine Nouvelle

The Vichy plant of Labinal Power Systems (Safran) was awarded the Quality Prize from L'Usine Nouvelle at the Factory Awards (Trophées des Usines), which have recognized France's best factories for over 20 years. The prize was given out during the Competitiveness Forum (Assises de la Compétitivité), which was jointly organized by L'Usine Nouvelle, Deloitte, and MEDEF and which took place today at MEDEF's Paris headquarters.

The Quality Prize recognizes the continuous improvement processes put in place at the Vichy plant that apply to key structural criteria for industrial production units, including the plant's business model, strategy, Supply Chain management, new product launches, new process implementation, customer relations, employee motivation, and environmental initiatives. 

The Vichy plant is a pilot site for the field of production engineering. It was at this site that Labinal Power Systems launched production engineering for the LEAP* program engine harness, the Dassault Falcon F5X measurement harness, and complex military harnesses. 

"This award recognizes our achievements in industrial performance and program management, in addition to our continuous improvement initiative, all focused on industrial excellence. One of our key strengths is performance management. We can rely on the daily improvement of our operational performance, propelled by participatory innovation, error-prevention systems that aim for "zero faults", and Quick Response Quality Control, a process for the immediate detection, treatment, and resolution of problems encountered in the field," noted Ronan Carrolaggi, Director of the Labinal Power Systems plant in Vichy.

"At Vichy, as is the case for every Labinal Power Systems site, our organization is customer-focused and our performance management system aims to ensure customer satisfaction," added Alain Sauret, CEO of Labinal Power Systems.

*LEAP is a next generation engine designed and developed by CFM International, a company jointly owned 50/50 by Safran subsidiary Snecma and GE.


About the Vichy Labinal Power Systems plant

Products : electrical interconnection systems
Customers : ACJC, Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space, Dassault Falcon, Dassault Militaire, etc.
Workforce : 230 employees

History :

1969 : ERCA creates a presence at Charmeil Airport
1979 : the current plant is built
1999 : ERCA is incorporated into Labinal
2014 : Labinal becomes Labinal Power Systems, a leader in electrical systems for the aerospace industry 

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