SIM cards: Safran invents new uses

As the key component guaranteeing the security of mobile terminals, SIM cards are constantly evolving and integrating new services aimed at companies and private individuals As an expert in the field of security, Morpho (Safran) is developing the next generation of cards.

The Mobile World Congress (MWC), the largest international congress in the mobile telecommunications sector, was held in Barcelona at the beginning of March and attended by over 90,000 participants. Morpho took advantage of this high-profile event to present its recent innovations in the field of SIM cards, the most secure component in a connected terminal. "We produce more than 580 million cards a years," explains Yves Portalier, the Director of the Telecom BU at Morpho. "We have become one of the world leaders in this field, with three main production sites, in India, Germany and Brazil."

More services for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The main field of development in SIM cards concerns Machine to Machine (M2M) uses, which are booming. "Over the last few years, new types of connected objects have come out," says Yves Portalier. "These objects communicate with each other via a network called the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) and generate an increasing amount of data that needs to be secured. The network itself requires a great deal of deployment flexibility." To meet this dual requirement, Morpho is currently developing a range of cards for these objects that can be remotely managed in a flexible and secure manner. For example, they make it possible to download the configuration* of the SIM card or to change it when travelling abroad. In addition, these new cards offer network-quality analysis and geolocation functions.

Securing transactions

However, Morpho's new generations of SIM cards are not solely reserved for machines; they will also make life easier for smartphone users. "We took advantage of the MWC to launch our new Mobile Connect solution," explains Yves Portalier. "Its objective is to enable people who want to make an online transaction to authenticate their identity on their mobile device thanks to their SIM card. Rather than having to memorize lots of different passwords, Mobile Connect will allow users to validate or enter a unique secret code to access an online service or make a purchase, for example." This solution is secure and can be adapted to different operators' needs. It contributes to improving the use of different services integrated in smartphones. Several international operators are already preparing to test the solution in their markets.

* Depending on the configuration of the SIM card, users will be able to access different networks and services. 


Note concerning the MWC

At the Mobile World Congress, Morpho and W-Locate, the location-based services (LBS) specialist, announced their partnership to provide geolocation services to Thailand's leading mobile operator. During the congress, Morpho and Sierra Wireless, the Canadian leader in the M2M modem market, also demonstrated an application that enables car drivers to automatically call the emergency services in the event of an accident.

Read the press release about technological advances jointly developed by Valéo and Safran

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