Safran ranked second preferred employer by engineering students

For the second year in a row, Safran finished second in the Trendence Graduate Barometer, ranking engineering students' preferred employers, behind just Airbus Group and ahead of Google.

Safran's ranking is the result of a sustained focus on its employer brand over the last three years, in particular through multifaceted communications actions spanning ads, an online presence and social networks. "At the same time, we amplified our contacts with students at partner schools and universities, through our network of nearly 300 ambassadors, former students who are now Safran employees, chosen to embody our values," pointed out Catherine Buche Andrieux, Campus Relations manager at Safran. "Our ambassadors take part in an average of 280 actions per year. To design tomorrow's technologies and deliver the products stipulated by new contracts, Safran must attract the top talent in France and around the world, a very strategic goal in a fiercely competitive recruiting environment."

The annual Barometer survey by the Trendence institute, covering some 20,000 students at engineering and business schools, provides a clear picture of the aspirations of "Generation Y. The specific expectations of these budding engineers include work with meaning, a friendly atmosphere, interesting projects and an innovation-based culture. Ranked second, Safran clearly speaks to the students surveyed on all these points.

These results also confirm Safran's enhanced corporate image, as it celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. 

The Trendence Institute surveys more than 20,000 engineering and business school students every year, to provide a ranking of the companies where they would prefer to work after earning their degrees. For the first time this year, students at other universities were also surveyed. 

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