Sagem and Exensor selected for SAIDRe program, to develop a remote battlefield sensor system for army intelligence

Bordeaux, Camp de Souge, SOFINS exhibition, April 14, 2015

Sagem (Safran) and Swedish partner Exensor have been awarded a contract by French defense procurement agency DGA for the SAIDRe program (Système d'Acquisition d'Information et de Renseignement), an intelligence system based on remote battlefield sensors, to be deployed by special forces and army intelligence units.

Using remote sensors operating close to battlefield threats, the system surveys targets, gathers indications, acquires images used as proof, and sends all this information in real time to command and control centers.

As prime contractor and systems integrator, Sagem will conduct the SAIDRe program jointly with Exensor Technology, the world leader in networked sensors, whose systems have been combat proven. The solutions offered by Exensor Technology will combine seismic, acoustic and infrared technologies with day/night imagers to ensure fail-proof observation. These systems are light, powerful and modular, as well as very energy-efficient.

Sagem will contribute its expertise in tactical system integration, command and control systems (C2), secure transmissions and thermal detectors.

The first prototypes are scheduled for delivery in early 2016. Initial developments will be followed by field tests under operational conditions. Sagem's Massy and d'Eragny plants will be involved in development, while Poitiers will handle production.

With this new SAIDRe contract, Sagem further consolidates its offering of intelligence and self-defense systems for front-line troops.

An initial batch of 70 systems will be delivered according to the terms of the program contract, with additional batches on option.

Sagem is already prime contractor for the FELIN (Fantassin à Equipements et Liaisons Intégrés) integrated equipment suite, the French army's soldier modernization program. It also develops and produces a complete range of systems and equipment for other modernization programs: tactical C2 systems for intelligence and support, solider systems, mission planning, optronics for infantry soldiers, vehicles and weapons, drones, and autonomous navigation and pointing systems.

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