2015 Innovation Awards Safran celebrates innovation, a key performance driver

Paris, April 13, 2015


Innovation day

Safran is building solid foundations for the future and developing products offering higher and higher performance, based on hefty R&D investments – €2 billion in 2014 – and a proven aptitude for innovation. Reflecting this focus on continuous improvement, Safran organizes the annual Innovation Awards, allowing employees, partners and suppliers to promote their latest inventions.


The 2015 Innovation Awards, taking place today at the Safran Aerospace Museum in Villaroche, near Paris, recognizes the multiple facets of creativity, including innovations on the ground, patented innovation, and innovative products, methods and processes. The best of all projects submitted earn awards from Safran.


Attending this year's Innovation Awards are Mike Sinnett, Vice President of Product Development at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, and Ossama Kamal, Head of the Egyptian ICT community and CEO of the ICT Conference. For the first time, a series of talks will be organized before the ceremony, spotlighting different approaches to innovation at Safran. These talks will be followed by a forum allowing prizewinners and finalists to present their projects. Also showcasing their skills in this forum are suppliers, startups and fans of the DIY ("do it yourself") approach. The forum is designed to bring together innovators from many different horizons, to foster creativity and spur the development of innovative projects.


"Innovation is an integral part of Safran's DNA," said Jean-Paul Herteman, Chairman and CEO of Safran. "Over and above our disruptive technologies and major R&D programs, innovation is a culture that unites our Group and determines our upcoming successes. Once again this year, the Innovation Awards will spotlight some of our suppliers, key partners in our continuous improvement initiative. For me, this clearly shows that we have developed a collaborative mindset in conjunction with our suppliers. By sharing this same focus on creativity, we can improve our competitiveness, make a sustainable difference, and increase our market shares."


Safran invests over 12% of its revenues in R&D, with a third of this amount being plowed into research and technology. The Group was ranked second for the number of patents filed in France in 2014, and is also ranked among the Top 100 Global Innovators by Thomson-Reuters.


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