A chair of Ultimate Photonics for Safran

Safran created in collaboration with the Institut d'Optique Graduate School, a joint Chair dedicated to Ultimate Photonics It has been officially inaugurated on March 3, 2015.

The inauguration of this chair is part of Safran's strategy of differentiation through technology, which seeks to create breakthrough innovations while perfectly mastering technological complexity. In collaboration with the Institut d'Optique, the Chair of Ultimate Photonics will enable the Group to conduct research on specific areas of quantum physics and their possible long-term applications on Safran businesses.

The chair's research work will focus in particular on three topics: plasmonic nanoantennas for photonic devices; quantum cryptography in integrated photonics and non-linear interactions between individual photons.

The goal of this research is to achieve technological breakthroughs, particularly for security activities: the applications of quantum computing to cryptography will eventually make it possible to develop tamper-proof and forgery-resistant systems for transmitting data and information, and the evolution of photonic devices is expected to lead to the creation of even more sensitive and selective optical sensors and MOEMS (micro-optical electro-mechanical microsystems )), with many potential applications.


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