Snecma to supply a PPS®5000 Flight Set plasma thrusters to Airbus Defence and Space for the Eurostar E3000 EOR satellite platform

Vernon, France – March 12, 2015


Snecma (Safran) will supply a PPS®5000 plasma (electric) thrusters flight set to Airbus Defence and Space for the company's Eurostar E3000 EOR (Electric Orbit Raising) satellite platform. The procurement contract was signed today by Arnaud de Rosnay, head of telecommunications satellites at Airbus Defence and Space, and Jacques Pasquier, Snecma Vice President, Space Engines division. The PPS®5000 thrusters will be delivered to Airbus Defence and Space in the fourth quarter of 2016.

This new contract is in continuation of the collaboration agreement signed by the two companies in March 2014, concerning the use of PPS®5000 thrusters on Eurostar-based satellites, for missions calling on electric propulsion for orbit raising.

"Airbus Defence and Space's re-selection of our propulsion system for their Eurostar E3000 platforms confirms the major benefits of electric propulsion for telecom satellites," said Jacques Pasquier. "It also reflects the rapid growth in the use of this technology by a major satellite manufacturer and a major operator."

Rated at 5 kW, the PPS®5000 is now being developed within the scope of the "all-electric satellite" plan, part of the "New French Industry" program, and is the baseline thruster selected by prime contractors contributing to this plan. In international markets, it is on offer to all satellite manufacturers.

Snecma has been developing electric thrusters for satellites for more than 30 years, with the ongoing support of the French space agency CNES. Today, it offers a range of Hall effect plasma thrusters and propulsion systems, with power ratings of 300W to 20kW. This technology reduces the launch weight of an all-electric geostationary satellite by 40% for a given payload, or allows the satellite to carry a larger payload. 

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