Proven performance for Arrano

Orlando, HAI Heli-Expo, 3 March 2015

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After a full year of ground tests, Turbomeca (Safran) has demonstrated that its new Arrano turboshaft will achieve anticipated performance levels in terms of power range and fuel consumption.

Last month, Airbus Helicopters confirmed Turbomeca as sole engine-supplier for its ground-breaking H160 helicopter. Thanks to the Arrano's flexible configuration and integration of leading-edge build technologies, it was able to respond to a demand from the OEM for 10 % extra power during flight in hot-and-high conditions. The first flightworthy Arrano 1A will be delivered to Airbus Helicopters this year, in line with the flight-test schedule of the H160.

Since its first ground test in February 2014, five test engines have been running at Bordes (France) to demonstrate performance. Major development and certification tests, now involving more than ten test engines, are now underway and will continue until 2016. After an intensive maturity program, Arrano 1A will obtain type-certification in 2017.

Arrano is a new 1,100 to 1,300 shaft horse-power engine designed for two to three ton single-engine helicopters, and for twin-engine machines weighing four to six ton. One major benefit is a 10 to 15% reduction in specific fuel consumption, compared with current turbines. It delivers improved range and payload while reducing environmental footprint.

Cost-of-ownership is reduced through an optimized maintenance concept, designed to significantly reduce the need for scheduled servicing. Its compact design allows easier airframe integration, and a modular design maximizes accessibility and mission availability

Unmatched in its category, Arrano demonstrates an ideal combination of new and proven technologies.

Safran is one of the major suppliers to the Airbus Helicopters H160. In addition to Turbomeca's involvement in the program, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty is the single-source supplier for the helicopter's electric braking system. Integrating the latest generation friction carbon material and electronic actuators, the H160 braking system represents a major technological breakthrough.

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